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E N J O Y I N G  T H E  R I D E


Stuck in Development Hell

We're still stuck. Stuck in...Hell. That's where we're currently are. Too many things on our plate. Bike is out of the shop. That's good right? Not really. It's out of the shop but we're only able to ride it to and from work. We both don't have time to really enjoy...

Becoming Static

Long vacation and stuck with nothing to do.It's the only advantage of living in a Roman Catholic dominated country. You get to enjoy long weekends like this. However, It's the second day and I'm already stuck with nothing to do. The Shadow is still in the shop, cash...

Migration and Other Good Stuff

I've decided to let go of Wix because it might cost us more in the long run.I've been playing around a lot in the past week and over the weekend. I've let go of Wix which I loved, by the way, only because I think in the long run, it would cost us more to do what we...


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