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We’re still stuck. Stuck in…

Stuck in Development Hell

Hell. That’s where we’re currently are. Too many things on our plate. Bike is out of the shop. That’s good right? Not really. It’s out of the shop but we’re only able to ride it to and from work. We both don’t have time to really enjoy the ride because we’re stuck doing work. Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. It allows me to slowly increase my lifestyle. Plus my client is a dream to work for. Check her out. If you’re Aussie, and you’re running a business, and you feel overwhelmed, stuck in a rut, want to scale but no idea how to, or just get more leads, I am sure she can help. Check her out at Join her Facebook group to meet people in the same boat to discuss.

Anyway, I’m busy helping her out as a VA and Systems Analyst. Nitnit is making ends meet being a Travel Consultant and part time “Chef” for her team mates. She cooks the most delicious dishes. I’m so lucky to be her fiancee. However, not one of us has been tending to this passion project of ours. Hell, I’ve only been able to update this blog because I couldn’t fucking sleep. All we need is more time and more energy. I just want us to be able to record that first episode of that damn podcast. I’m sure things will pick up once we’re able to sit the fuck down and record that fucking thing. 

It’s been about two months now. Home – Work – Sleep. That seems to be our daily routine. I really want to break from it and enjoy the ride like we used to. I hope we can finally find some time to be able to do that. For now, we’re stuck in hell. I need sleep.