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Nitnit and I have been discussing and we have laid out some of the plans we have for the site.

Rough Plans

I created this site without her input but I did have her in mind as an author of her own content. I’ve always been the content writer ever since I could write. I’m good at working behind the scenes, and coming from a technical background, I’m good at looking for improvement and innovation. She, on the other hand, has a pretty face and beautiful voice which I believe can be an asset to our video content creation. And being 10 years my junior, she’s very in touch with the current generation and what this generation wants and is willing to consume. So here’s what we’ve decided.

  • We need to find our niche.

  • I handle all the written content.

  • We need video equipment.

  • She creates the videos.

  • I edit the videos.

  • She handles what merch to sell.

  • We both handle designs and the overall look of all merch.

  • I create a sales channel.

  • I automate and optimize that sales channel.

  • We’ll see where all this leads and we’ll both have a say what direction our venture takes us.

We’re currently in discussion as to which social media market we’ll be targeting. We’re both thinking Facebook since it’s the dominant social media platform in this country. We also need to target Instagram as well since I notice the growth in its popularity.

Here are a few ideas we’ve been throwing around in terms of content.

  • Local FnB Reviews

  • Reviews of Places that we Visit

  • Motorcycle Reviews

  • Our Motorcycle Rides

  • Our rants about work and stuff

The difficult part in doing all this is we both work full time jobs. I’m a Virtual Assistant. She’s a Travel Consultant. We also have other responsibilities outside of work (e.g. families, house chores, etc.)

Also, we have to think about getting a domain. and its other permutations are already taken. We may need to rebrand but we really like the free skull vector I found and used in the home page.

A little modification with our touch and I think we’ll keep that as a logo. Credits to GDJ on Pixabay for that. I’ll do all the SEO work since I do have a few tricks up my sleeve in that department, but nothing too specialized. I may still need professional help, which we would only enlist if we need it and could afford it.

In terms of video content, I’m thinking something like going on location to make those videos and just use raw footage, or maybe adding something like a post production narration or something. We really haven’t discussed that yet. I realize we’re starting late but hell, it’s better than doing nothing at all, which is what we’re doing now.

n conclusion, the reason I wrote this post is because of a video I’ve seen. I know I’m smart. Nitnit knows she’s smart. We’ve had a lot of ideas in the past but we’ve never done anything about it. That’s because we’ve never been able to focus. A popular excuse I always use is: We have too many things on our plate. This is why I’m deciding to write this down now so we could use this post as a road map. About that video, here it is:

I’ll leave you with that. Let us know if that inspires you or if you think we’re all talking out of our asses.

That’s it for now. See you when I see you.