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I’ve decided to let go of Wix because it might cost us more in the long run.

Migration and Other Good Stuff

I’ve been playing around a lot in the past week and over the weekend. I’ve let go of Wix which I loved, by the way, only because I think in the long run, it would cost us more to do what we want to do with the site. I’ve decided to go back what feels familiar to me and can handle everything I need it to handle, WordPress. I’ve installed the Divi Theme using an old subscription from one of my former clients. My conscience is clean. Elegant Themes has already made a fuckload of money from me because back when I was a developer, I recommend all my clients to pay the $89/year package which some of them do to this day.

Anyway, since we’re still in the experimental stage, I’m still going with the Free Domain and Free Hosting. Freenom has given us, and all the files are currently stored in 000webhost, which is a nightmare to manage, but hell…it’s free.

For now, I’ve pointed the nameservers of the site to the host but it’s just giving me a goddamn blank page. From my experience in the past with GoDaddy + iPage and GoDaddy + Hostgator, it took a couple of hours for everything to take effect, which is what I’m waiting for right now. But I’m fully prepared to wait for the 48 hours that all registrars and hosts recommend. I’m still in familiar ground, so I’m not really worried.

Later, I’ll be playing around with WooCommerce and see if I can make a mock up of the merch that we might want to sell in the future. I’ll also schedule with Nitnit as to when we could record our first podcast. The Shadow is still in the shop, so the YouTube content that I’ve been planning will have to wait.

I’ll be installing basic Video Editing Software since I’m not a videographer. I’ve had a few hours clocked in with Sony Vegas Pro 8 and 9 in the past, but I never dove into it because this was back when I wanted to pursue Photography. Instead, I spent all my time fucking with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, which I don’t regret. I’m pretty rad in doing post process work. Hell, I can even do basic graphic design.

So for now, here’s another video that I’ve seen and I’m going to take a few pointers from:

That’s it for now.

See you when I see you.