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Created a few more additions to the site, but I haven’t gotten to any content yet.

Creating The Framework

I started with a YouTube page. I had a bit of a struggle there. I couldn’t find a way to change just the channel name and not the whole profile, so I ended up just changing my profile name. That’s fine.

I created an Instagram page. I had a few quotes with royalty-free pictures to upload but apparently, I can’t do that even after following tutorials online. So for now, It’s empty. I’ll have to upload these images using the app on my phone which I’ll do later.

I stumbled upon this free podcasting tool while doing a bit of research. I created a profile there as well. We’ll see if this pans out. We don’t have a podcasting microphone yet so I guess we’ll have to use either one of our phones as recording devices in the meantime. Anyway, you’ll know because I created a category on this site. You’ll find it in the top menu.

I’ll be creating a Facebook page and a Twitter profile shortly so you’ll see that updated in the social links on the bottom. I’m not sure how to use them yet. Maybe just for updates for now, but as we create a community (fingers crossed), then we start to engage people (which I don’t know how to do…yet).

I guess that’s it for now.

See you when I see you.