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Long vacation and stuck with nothing to do.

Becoming Static

It’s the only advantage of living in a Roman Catholic dominated country. You get to enjoy long weekends like this. However, It’s the second day and I’m already stuck with nothing to do. The Shadow is still in the shop, cash is a bit on the low side, and my brain just won’t function enough to take out my bicycle and ride.

Anyway, all social media channels have been set up, but no content have been published yet. I’ve created a social media calendar, but I can’t find a free online scheduler for the likes of me. We still haven’t found our niche yet, but we’ll be getting there. I’ve created a Support Us page which I currently feature our own affiliations. Later on I’ll be putting in monetizing stuff like affiliates once I have that set up. I’ve been trying to find a Lazada or Shopee affiliate program but there seems to be none for now. I’ve been reading up on affiliate marketing and it’s just sad to me that whatever they’ve had success in the US just simply won’t work here.

I have no idea what to do with this site yet, but I can’t stay static. I need to do some shit with it. I’d like to set up Google Analytics cuz it’s a basic thing to do as a web developer but I think I’ll reserve that for when I make a switch to a dot com. For now, I guess I’ll just see what more I can do. I’m just glad that I’ve spent only time on this thing and not a single cent yet. So I don’t have to worry about growth.

Also, for merch, we’re thinking T-shirts for now, since I know someone who prints them. I’m not sure if he can print on a massive scale. We’ll see. I’ll have a talk with him when it’s time. For now, I can’t even afford to print a few t-shirts, so this will have to wait.

Later on, I’ll also be composing blog posts about motorcycles and motorcycle riding. This is going to be the part where it starts to get interesting. I’ll have to think about SEO and keyword relevance when I make these posts. I have a few white hat and black hat tricks up my sleeve, but I’m pretty sure my link building and keyword analysis knowledge are already out of date. I’ll have to check again what works these days. However, all this may be in vain because google won’t list the site anyway. I really need a fucking dot com. 

Also, hopefully, Nitnit and I have time tomorrow to record our first podcast. Jesus! I’m all over the place. I just want this thing to succeed. I want this to be a brand, our brand. I want to build a community around it. I want people (at least locally) to recognize it and know we’re behind it. Or even if they don’t, at least it’s something they look for and talk about. I want it to be self-sustaining. That’s the mission. The vision is I want it to grow with us and I want it to become known in as many places as possible.

If you want to learn how to ride a motorcycle, there are a lot of videos out there. I just like this guy’s approach. I actually follow the fucker on YouTube. check this out:

That’s it for now.

See you when I see you.