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E N J O Y I N G  T H E  R I D E

Who We Are



Jack of All Trades

I’m a simple guy with simple wants and I live a simple lifestyle. Technology has always fascinated me ever since my Dad got us that 386Mhz PC back in ’92. Ever since, I’ve always learned new technology and how it can help me get an advantage in this day and age.

I’m old in terms of tech years but I have never stopped learning new shit. I used to be a Photographer until I sold off all of my stuff. I’ve worked for several companies in different industries with different job titles. You can safely say that I’m a jack of all trades, except in manual labor. I currently work as an Operations Support Specialist at The Virtual Hub.

On the weekends, I ride around with my partner in crime, causing mayhem, and enjoying life on my motorcycle. Otherwise, I’m at home binge watching non-popular shows on Netflix.



Crazy and Unpredictable

I’m not your average girly girl. I am and have always been a tomboy who is into motorcycles, boxing, and going out to cause mayhem around town. 

Like Tim, I have also worked in different industries, pre-dominantly in the BPO sector, and I pride myself in my work ethic and my no-BS attitude. I currently work as a Travel Consultant for a fast growing company in the city. I’m an outgoing gal and I want to go to different places and meet different people, preferably on a motorcycle.

I’m not really that much of a writer, but I have Tim to help me out. I also like to sing my heart out in the shower and karaoke night with my friends is what I always look forward to during the weekends. If plans to go out don’t fall through, I’m binge watching whatever Tim and I decide to binge on.

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